We are constantly seeking candidates with a strong interest in performing cutting-edge research in a very active and exciting research area.

Please send PhD or postdoc applications with all supporting materials to contact@vision.rwth-aachen.de.

We accept HiWi applications from students via applications@vision.rwth-aachen.de. In your application, we expect to see a CV, a transcript of grades, and (optionally) a code repository (GitHub, GitLab, etc.) where you can show us your coding skills. Please do NOT send us attachments—send a link instead (use a hosting service like GigaMove, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sciebo etc.).

Below is a list of student job openings:

Research Engineer for 3D Computer Vision (HiWi)

Last updated: 12.06.2024

We are seeking a talented and motivated student passionate about 3D Computer Vision to join our team.


  • Implement and evaluate new ideas in close collaboration with our team.
  • Optionally contribute your own ideas.


  • Exceptional programming skills (preferably in Python).
  • Experience with a deep learning framework (preferably PyTorch).
  • Basic to good understanding of linear algebra and statistics.
  • Comfortable working in a Linux/Unix command-line environment.

What We Offer:

  • 10-19 hours per week.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Access to GPUs.

This position is for a research student and not for a Master’s thesis. However, if you plan to start your thesis in the next 6-12 months, this is a great opportunity to get to know us and the field, and find an interesting topic for your thesis.

To apply:

Send your application with documents (Current CV, Bachelor/Master transcript and letter of motivation) to Karim Abou Zeid: abouzeid@vision.rwth-aachen.de.

Student Project in Human Pose Estimation & Activity Recognition, Generative Models or Physics-related ML (HiWi/Thesis B.Sc. & M.Sc.)


Do you want to work on cutting-edge research with the goal of publishing top-tier papers? Depending on your profile and open capacities, I will choose a topic with you from the field of - human-pose or animal pose estimation - generative AI or - physics-related ML. I currently cooperate with one of RWTH's big industry partners.

Possible open projects include - activity/gesture recognition and forecasting - application of sketches and drawings in CV - human detection - physics-based human skeleton models - sensor data analysis (vision, particle physics, rocket engineering) etc.

  • HiWis will help preparing research papers and project reports. Projects can either be more research focused (i.e. analyzing papers) or pure coding.
  • B. Sc. and M. Sc. students will be given a research & implementation task. Based on your own re-implementation of one or several papers, you will... --> [B. Sc.] analyze the results and put them into scientific context (duration: 3-4 months + preparation time) --> [M. Sc.] try to solve an open research problem by combining or extending algorithms and inventing novel solutions (duration: 6 months + preparation time)

Preparation time for thesis projects can be covered by a HiWi contract. Please note that not all projects are suitable for B. Sc. thesis projects.


  • Good (theoretical or applied) background in Machine Learning and Computer Vision (Good grades in ML and CV exams are a plus)
  • Prior experience with Python, PyTorch, and PyTorch Lightning
  • Strong coding skills in general (clean, object-oriented coding style using Unittests), experience in software engineering is a plus
  • Basic Linux skills
  • Familiarity with version control systems (e.g. Git, GitHub)
  • Good communication skills (German is a plus, very good English is a must)
  • Open to work closely and cooperatively in a friendly team :)

For some projects, special skills like experience with ROS, engineering, graph generation, theoretical mechanics etc. can be a plus.

To apply

Send your application with documents (Current CV, Bachelor/Master transcript and letter of motivation) to Stephanie Käs: kaes@vision.rwth-aachen.de.

Student Assistant for 3D Scene Understanding (HiWi/Thesis)


This position offers an opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research focused on 3D segmentation and tracking, with the ultimate goal of publishing a paper at a top-tier computer vision conference.


  • Good theoretical background in Machine Learning (Good grades in ML and CV exams are a plus)
  • Prior experience with Python, PyTorch, and PyTorch Lightning
  • Basic Linux skills
  • Version control (e.g. Git, GitHub)

To apply

Send your application with documents (Current CV, Bachelor/Master transcript) to Kadir Yilmaz at yilmaz@vision.rwth-aachen.de.

HiWi Position


  • Experience with working on computer vision and machine learning related projects.
  • Preferably prior experience with Python and deep-learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, etc.
  • Preferably prior experience in 2D video segmentation.

To apply

Send your application to Idil Esen Zulfikar at zulfikar@vision.rwth-aachen.de.

Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d): System Administration

We are searching for students that could work part-time and help us administrate the lab. Not a research position.

Why do we need you?

Our lab is expanding and we need people to help us maintain and improve our infrastructure. We have a small team of admins, and our main focus is research so we can't spend much time on it (we love it though). From time to time we need to set up new machines or maintain software, but we don't have enough hands for everything.

What do we want from you?

  1. Setup new software (self-hosted services, programs, and utilities for lab members);
  2. Maintain existing software. We have a few dozen of machines and sometimes we need to update the software on them;
  3. Rarely, help us fix hardware issues (eg. help us install and setup a new server).

What are your qualifications?

  1. Very good Linux knowledge;
  2. Computer networking;
  3. Python, bash, docker.

What do we offer?

  1. HiWi Bachelor/Master position, up to 19 hours a week;
  2. A lot of freedom, time-wise and task-wise;
  3. Lab has mostly new hardware.

Apply to applications@vision.rwth-aachen.de with a topic: Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d): System Administration

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