3D Segmentation of Humans in Point Clouds with Synthetic Data

Ayça Takmaz*, Jonas Schult*, Irem Kaftan, Mertcan Akçay, Bastian Leibe, Robert Sumner, Francis Engelmann, Siyu Tang
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2023

Segmenting humans in 3D indoor scenes has become increasingly important with the rise of human-centered robotics and AR/VR applications. In this direction, we explore the tasks of 3D human semantic-, instance- and multi-human body-part segmentation. Few works have attempted to directly segment humans in point clouds (or depth maps), which is largely due to the lack of training data on humans interacting with 3D scenes. We address this challenge and propose a framework for synthesizing virtual humans in realistic 3D scenes. Synthetic point cloud data is attractive since the domain gap between real and synthetic depth is small compared to images. Our analysis of different training schemes using a combination of synthetic and realistic data shows that synthetic data for pre-training improves performance in a wide variety of segmentation tasks and models. We further propose the first end-to-end model for 3D multi-human body-part segmentation, called Human3D, that performs all the above segmentation tasks in a unified manner. Remarkably, Human3D even outperforms previous task-specific state-of-the-art methods. Finally, we manually annotate humans in test scenes from EgoBody to compare the proposed training schemes and segmentation models.

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