Clicks as Queries: Interactive Transformer for Multi-instance Segmentation

Amit Rana, Sabarinath Mahadevan, Alexander Hermans, Bastian Leibe
Transformers for Vision Workshop, CVPR 2023

Transformers have percolated into a multitude of computer vision domains including dense prediction tasks such as instance segmentation and have demonstrated strong performances. Existing transformer based segmentation approaches such as Mask2Former generate pixel-precise object masks automatically given an input image. While these methods are capable of generating high quality masks in general, they have an inherent class bias and are unable to incorporate user inputs to either segment out-of-distribution classes or to correct bad predictions. Hence, we introduce a novel module called Interactive Transformer that enables transformers to predict and refine objects based on user interactions. Subsequently, we use our Interactive Transformer to develop an interactive segmentation network that can generate mask predictions based on user clicks and thereby widen the transformer application domains within computer vision. In addition, the Interactive Transformer can make such interactive segmentation tasks more efficient by (i) imparting the ability to perform multi-instances segmentation, (ii) alleviating the need to re-compute image-level backbone features as done in existing interactive segmentation networks, and (iii) reducing the required number of user interactions by modeling a common background representation. Our transformer-based architecture outperforms the state-of-the-art interactive segmentation networks on multiple benchmark datasets.

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